Stellenbosch University has a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license for MATLAB, Simulink, and add-on products. Faculty, researchers, and students may use these products for teaching, research, and learning. The license allows individuals to install the products on university-owned equipment, as well as personally owned computers.

Students and Staff - Individual license for laptops and home pc's

Option 1 - On campus download - Click here for instructions or scroll down

Option 2 - Off campus download from Mathworks Website. Click here for instructions


Learn About Capabilities and Using the Software

Use the TAH Resource Kit to find tutorials, webinars, teaching materials, books, and more to help you use MATLAB and Simulink. When you access these resources from the resource kit, you bypass registration forms.

Note that your MathWorks account gives you access to FREE online training with the MATLAB Onramp, as well as access to online assignments through Cody Coursework.

Empower Yourself With MathWorks tools

Visit the MathWorks for Education website at

Visit the MathWorks Academy site for FREE online course at


Connect to MATLAB from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Need Assistance?



Campus Download - Instructions for installing and activating Matlab:

  • Downloading the files and execute the installer:
    Copy the path "" into any browser's address bar or log in to a university computer with your stb (eg. stb\12345678) credentials and copy the path "\\\pool\ing\Installs\Matlab2017A" in a windows explorer address bar and download your selected version.

    Right-click the .iso file and click mount. Double-click setup.exe to start the installer or If your version of windows dont have the option to mount the .iso file, then you can use any third party Virtual Drive to install the Software. Eg. Virtual CloneDrive ""

Please Note Step 9! When asked to insert dvd 2, eject the ..dvd1.iso and mount the ..dvd2.iso. Click OK and the installation will continue.


  • You will need brief internet access and a valid Stellenbosch University email address to proceed.
  1. Leave the Log In with a MathWorks Account option selected (the default), and then click Next
  2. Review the software license agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select Yes and click Next.
  3. If you do not have a MathWorks Account, select the Create a MathWorks Account (requires an Activation Key) option and click Next
  4. To create an account, enter your Stellenbosch University email address, first name, last name, and choose a password for your Mathworks account. Activation Key = Individual: 13452-56192-52887-66175-96715 Note: When you create a new MathWorks Account, you must verify your email address before you can proceed with installation. Before you click Next in the Email Verification Required dialog box, go to your email program, open the message sent to you by MathWorks, and click the verification link. Then return to this dialog box and click Next.
  5. Select the standard - individual license from the list of licenses and click Next.
  6. Specify the name of the folder where you want to install MathWorks products. Accept the default installation folder, or click Browse to select a different one. After making your selection, click Next
  7. From the products list, specify which products you want to install. Click Next to continue with the installation
  8. Confirm Your Choices - Before it begins installing the software on your hard disk, the installer displays a summary of your installation choices. To change a setting, click Back. To proceed with the installation, click Install.
  9. When asked to insert dvd 2, eject the ..dvd1.iso and mount the ..dvd2.iso. Click OK and the installation will continue.
  10. Complete the installation - When the installation successfully completes, you can choose to activate the software you just installed. You cannot use the software you installed until you activate it. Activating immediately after installation is the quickest way to start using MATLAB. Click Next to proceed with activation