Faculty of Engineering Remote Access Facility

Firga Access

Although the university annouced that students need to be back on campus we still have a requirement from students to access the Engineering resources remotely. Thus Firga has made 16 computers available for this need. See below instructions to access the computers.

VPN/Remote Access

Students and Staff from the Engineering faculty can use VPN to access resources on the Engineering building networks (such as desktops/servers/license servers etc) by using the Citrix Netscaler VPN. Please follow the instructions in this PDF to get going: Citrix Netscaler VPN Instructions

Remote Access to Firga Computers

Students and Staff can remotely use Firga computers and software by following the instructions in this PDF: FIRGA Remote Connection Instructions
A list that updates every 5 minutes shows current free computers. Please note that Citrix Netscaler VPN has to be installed and connected in order to open the link: Available Computers in FIRGA

Engineering Software Download

With Citrix VPN connected, Engineering Faculty software can be obtained from: FIRGA Software Repository
Users that need to load Windows software on Macintosh computers can download Windows from the Firga Software Repository, and follow the following instructions: Setup Virtuabox on a Mac
If you want to add software to the Repository, or for support with any of the above, please log a service request at the FIRGA Service Desk