Although it can be rather difficult making definitive recommendations considering the fleeting nature of technology and changing demands of applications we recommend to look at the specifications as required by Autodesk for running the latest version of Autodesk Inventor. All Engineering students make use of Inventor and it is also part of their formal courseware during their 1st year. Currently we use Inventor 2018 in our computer labs (which is also available to students free of charge for use on their own pc's - see here)

Specifications for Autodesk Inventor v2018 available here:
Stick to the 'recommended' specifications where possible although the minimum should suffice.

Also have a look at the IT Student Services wiki for details on which software and services are available to our students for installation on their own device (For example MS Office 365 is available free of charge).

The Engineering Faculty is also part of the Microsoft Ignite Premium program which make certain MS products available to our students at no cost or at a very low fee.
More details here:

Stellenbosch also partakes in the national Student Technology Program which provides students with some benefits regarding a variety of computer options. Check out the table below to assist with selecting a computer.

i3 Base System i5 Base System i7 Base System
Word Processing and Web Browsing Advanced Word Processing Number crunching
E-mail Heavy Web browsing Programming
    Graphic Design
RAM 4-8 GB RAM 4-8 GB RAM 8 GB or Greater
Hard drive capacity 500GB Hard drive capacity 500GB - 1TB Hard drive capacity 1TB to SSD