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AutoCad - Inventor - Infrastructure Design Suite

  • Please Note! Inventor Professional 2019 is available on the FIRGA computers. Please try to download and install the 2019 version (System Requirements) to avoid compatibility problems when working in FIRGA.

Obtaining the Free Local Network Downloads:

Copy the path '' into your browser's (IE and Firefox works best) address bar and download your selected software.

Instructions for .iso files:

  • Burn the images to disks. Nero (CD/DVD Burner) can easily burn these images. Choose the ‘Burn Image to Disk’ setting OR,
  • Use a Virtual Drive to install the Software without burning any disks. Download Virtual CloneDrive ''

Example of Installing Virtual CloneDrive and mounting to the Virtual Drive (Video Clip)


Obtaining a 36-month student license from Autodesk:

Each learner or educator will need brief internet access and a valid email address to proceed.

  1. Go to
  2. Register for a new account
    Any problems during registration, go here:
  3. You will be sent an email for verification and after you have clicked on the appropriate link to activate your account, go back to  and Sign in
  4. After logging in click free software from the main menu,
  5. Select your software you have e.g. AutoCAD Electrical choose the correct version and operating system to receive the correct serial number and product key (get one for each of the products you want to activate)
  6. Select your version, language and operating system. You do not need to download anything if you have the software already just write down the serial number and product key assigned to you as you will need this during activation. If you don’t have the software you will need to download it.

    Autodesk Inventor 2013 (English) 64-Bit
    Your serial number details:
    Serial Number: 368-33333333 (yours will be different)
    Product Key: 797E1 (this will be different for each product)
  7. Next, run your software.
  8. Select the Activate button.
  9. Enter the serial number and product key and click on Next
    If Activating is not automatic, you will be presented with a screen displaying your Request code.
    You will be given a choice between activating on-line or entering an Activation code.
    If you can’t activate online, please send us the following information in order that we can request an activation code from Autodesk:
    First name
    Physical address
    Tel. number
    Serial number
    Product key
    Request code
    You could also make a screen print of the screen with the request code and paste it in MS Word, and send it to us with the personal details.

Request your activation code instantly by using your Autodesk account details to log in at:

For support queries

For any installation problems contact Quinton Hendrikse (Technical Officer - FIRGA) Email: