FIRGA is an acronym for 'Fakulteit Ingenieurswese Rekenaar Gebruikers Area'. FIRGA is divided into 4 main areas, one Open Area, and three Electronic Classrooms

FIRGA's Mission is:

...to provide affordable, reliable access to computer hardware and software to all students and personnel within the Faculty.
...to provide the necessary training and support for the most widely used programs on the Stellenbosch University Network, by way of courses and online help.
...to provide a working environment conducive to learning and the building of computer literacy skills within the engineering environment.
...to provide the best and most up-to-date computer hardware and software that can be afforded, to all the students and personnel within the Engineering Faculty.

Please take note:

The Management of Stellenbosch University resolved to accept a new Electronic Communications Policy ("ECP") with effect 1 January 2004, Read more by following the link "The Electronic Communications Policy"

Firga (Open Area - Room s303) contains 120 computers

Electronic Classrooms:
Room s203 contains 72 computers
Room s207A contains 82 computers
Room s207B contains 150 computers